Heading To Expo East Natural Food Show 2014

Strictly Gluten Free will be on the road this week in Baltimore for Expo East. This is our countrie’s largest “natural food” trade show on the East Coast that brings together thousands of businesses, i.e. manufacturers, brand marketers and sales teams, brokers, distributors, suppliers, technology partners to meet, greet and/or launch what they hope will be a trending product in our store/website and in other healthy aisles growing their businesses.  This is our fourth consecutive year in attending the NPA Expo East show and we continue to explore, analyze and become educated on the overall offerings in the industry and develop solutions to bring back to our market.

This year Strictly Gluten Free continues to focus on the gluten-free verified products that are also committed to safe allergen free claims. Our mission hasn’t changed, it’s only been more focussed on supporting those brands who believe in this joint mission of gluten–free health.  We expect a few of these newer products could make it into our store/website  just a few weeks after the show and we’ll mark them as “new” if you visit our Long Island Store, or we’ll also post them to StrictlyGlutenFree.com shopping site.

If your’e interested, we’ll be presenting at

Special Diets: Amber Waves Of Gluten – Store Safety Coast To Coast 

I’ll be attending the many seminars and educational events scheduled throughout the week of the show and each year these efforts develop into a greater consumer experience  at Strictly Gluten Free.

While as many of you know that personally what we are most passionate about is providing education, support and awareness for those in the community who needs someone to simply listen and/or needs a voice.  Many may not be aware of my personal involvement with the Natural Products Association East.  As this associations platform is critical to the very foundation in which many “Natural Products” Manufacturers, Wholesalers, Brokers, Distributors, Retailers and Consumers may be affected by any prospective legislation that may pass which would be deemed harmful to the industry.

The NPA East mission is to support and encourage the production, marketing and consumption of nutritional foods, dietary supplements and related products and services which provide optimum health benefits to consumers.  The involvement in which I have allocated on a voluntary basis since joining the Board of Directors over two years ago and currently hold a position of Treasurer of the region we will be holding our Annual Board Meeting during the week of Expo East.

At this time it will be announced that amongst my colleagues, fellow board members and voting members of NPA East will be bestowing upon me the title of President Elect of the association.  It is an honor which I will gracefully accept the duties to further strengthen and broaden the position of NPA East ever impacting the landscape.

This will also allow for a direct resource channel connecting all those “family members” of Strictly Gluten Free to gain a pulse and a voice on all happenings in the Natural Products Industry.  We will be implementing some exciting new concepts to generate interest and involvement with the community further driving value through education and awareness to prepare you all to make the most informed decisions in your lives in deciding what is best for you and your family.

We are excited to the continued development and evolution of Strictly Gluten Free and are excited about sharing our experiences and new product offerings upon our return.




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Is it Really Gluten Free…Consumers Beware

Through my travels throughout the US over the past 3 1/2 years I have gained much insight in to this ever developing marketplace called the Gluten Free Industry.  I’ve had the opportunity to develop relationships with many of the manufacturers, distributors and brokers who initially entered the market prior to the Gluten Free Craze. No….I’m not calling those individuals maintaining a Gluten Free Lifestyle a part of the “craze” but more so those new manufacturers that have brought products to market over the past year and a half.

There are two groups which these new manufacturers actually fit in to this market.  Those who have a personal interest since they themselves or a family member or friend has been effected with Celiac Disease, Gluten Intolerance/Sensitivity or other Allergies or Diseases.  This type of manufacturer is truly setting out to provide a quality product and sharing these items with those in the Gluten Free Community.  However, many of these products which generally are better tasting than preexisting products may come at a higher pricing point, simply because they do not have the ability to buy the ingredients in bulk.  This will drive up the price of these products in stores, not to mention these items may not be easily accessible.  Well not for Strictly Gluten Free as we continue to travel the country to find these new up & coming Gluten Free brands and bring them to our stores first. Continue reading

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Voicing Concerns

There is something we wanted to reach out to everyone about as great an event as the Vendor Fair was this past weekend there was one thing that stuck with me from what someone told me about what they heard about Strictly Gluten Free recently.

As we do strive to accomodate each and every person we do ourselves understand that we will not be able to satisfy everybody and this is why we like to hear any collective criticism from those who shop our store. Continue reading

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Back To School ….what to eat

As you all know that it is difficult enough to maintain a Gluten Free Lifestyle in your own home when it comes time to sending your kids back to school what should you do? What do you have to do to ensure your kids are safe while eating in the lunch room at school.

As if life is not already stressful you are now consumed with making sure your kids continue to maintain a gluten free lifestyle in school.  Decision…..Decisions….should you have the school accommodate and prepare the meals that are truly gluten free for your kids or elect to prepare their lunches daily for them to bring to school or…….yes there is yet another option a combination of them both.

Continue reading

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Go for the Gold: Gluten Free Athletes!

For 16 days we watched some of the world’s greatest athletes compete in the 2012 London games. There were so many memorable moments of the games. As someone who swam competitively, swimming was the sport I followed the most. However, the performance of the “fab five”, the American faceoff for gold in beach volleyball, and Michael Phelps becoming the most decorated Olympian, are all moments which I will remember as I look back on these games.

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